My kind of person. That’s Stefanie. She’s an empath, a kind hearted spirit and a courageous, hard worker. I feel like these qualities all reflect in her work. As a model, the very first contact I often have on set, is that with a makeup artist. Once I’m in the makeup chair, I need to let go of control over my appearance. When I think of it, that demands a great amount of trust in the person doing the makeup – trust that I can easily give to an artist like Stefanie. Thing is, a phenomenal shoot for me is one where I feel like an absolute Godess. That feeling is being created by my overall mood, the outfits I’m wearing, but also and obviously: the makeup. My skin – and especially the skin on my face, is my personal space. Stefanie understands this by respecting that space, treating it with kindness. She’s a pleasure to work with, someone accessible, always ready to help and she delivers great great looks.

Dorien Pauwels — model