portret stefanie bangels


Stefanie is a make-up artist based in Hasselt, Belgium. She is known for creating natural, sheer, and glowing skin. Whether it’s for advertising, beauty campaigns, e-commerce, business shoots, or other projects. She can create make-up looks that perfectly align with your brand’s vision and values.

Besides natural and “no make-up” makeup looks she can also create more edgy fashion looks and colourful details. Being a curly girl her whole life herself ,she knows her way around curls. She can provide other natural and flowy hairstyles as well.

But it’s not just about her skills- She is committed to using cruelty-free products and maintaining a vegan lifestyle because she cares about you and the environment. She believes that every customer deserves personalized care and attention. She ensures that every makeup look is designed to your specific needs and desires.

Her passion and dedication are revealed on set. She is spontaneous and energetic with an eye for detail. These qualities make her an ideal companion to work with. From Belgium to destinations beyond, she’s committed to creating  beauty.

You can also contact her for party makeup or other special occasions, like a private make-up workshop.

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